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Designing a your company logo is one of the first steps in solidifying your corporate identity,image and brand. We can help create a logo that supports your overall brand. From your selection of colors and font style to the development of printed materials, your identity must define who you are. We work closely with our clients to assess, shape and express their true identity. A logo is frequently the first impression your customers have of your company. For that reason alone, it is important that your logo design attracts attention and captures who you are as a business in one glance.

amarkabove will discover what your company does and what makes it different - what makes you stand out from the crowd. we will help define what your company culture is all about and what your business values are. amarkabove will prepare several logo options, you can then decide which best communicates who you are as a company.

The next step is to realize this new (or revised) corporate identity on stationery, signage, print advertising, web and promotional products. Over time, as customers see your logo consistently in print or on the web, your logo will become synonomous with the qualities of your company.

amarkabove can also revitalize existing logos. If you feel that your logo design does not correctly define who you are, consider giving it a makeover. The new design does not have to be totally different, just refreshed. A new and updated look will draw attention, but will still reminds customers of who you have always been.

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